Wednesday, May 27, 2015

summer practices

summer break face

teachers, what are you doing to take care of yourselves this summer?

i hope not taking on a summer job.

i'm sure a lot of you must find extra income, and that sucks for us, for the united states of america, and for our students.  in case you didn't know!

i hope somewhere in between cleaning and prepping classrooms, curriculum, and your houses,  and maybe sleeping in a bit, you're finding time to be well and refresh yourselves.

i wrote this blog post on staying creative outside of school for students on summer break a couple of years ago for the alliance for young writers and artists blog, & i think it applies equally well to teachers--maybe even more so!

here's some creative collaboration i'm doing this summer:

making this piece with dancer emma wilson:

rehearsing the moby dick puppet opera:

celebrating shero pauline oliveros' 83rd birthday this saturday by doing her sonic meditations with some rad people:

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